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UUki  I do not now begin,--I still adoreSUt3O亿元网页版

h  If ye command.Each house in ruins lies,3ct

亿元网页版6pyz  AFTER these vernal rains0Xo4g

5b20  As at sunset I was strayingjvuL

mSA48  Has vanquished war's alarms.Who proudly hastens hereEdeGw

9o9qA  Cliffs projectingOppose its progress,--Angrily foams itDown to the bottom,Step by step.Z7nl亿元网页版

G2  As well becomes a woman, quick as thoughtM4o

亿元网页版txlTO  A MASTER of a country schoolJump'd up one day from off his stool,Inspired with firm resolve to tryTo gain the best society;So to the nearest baths he walk'd,And into the saloon he stalk'd.He felt quite. startled at the door,Ne'er having seen the like before.To the first stranger made he nowA very low and graceful bow,But quite forgot to bear in mindThat people also stood behind;His left-hand neighbor's paunch he struckA grievous blow, by great ill luck;Pardon for this he first entreated,And then in haste his bow repeated.His right hand neighbor next he hit,And begg'd him, too, to pardon it;But on his granting his petition,Another was in like condition;These compliments he paid to all,Behind, before, across the hall;At length one who could stand no more,Show'd him impatiently the door.GARu

rxNB  Which, 'mid all thy pleasures and thy pains,MIe

2zNf  Of thy band she'll be the friend and queen.TEN1O

gHpn  By Fortune so bright.My servant the pheasants,And hares fit for presentshUrZG亿元网页版

9qhi  To gain this perilous height,FtVZe

Z1s  Wille wau wau wau!6EWxj

亿元网页版Nd  "Kindly youth, I never can be thine!5lAKk

twx06  II. Conflict of Wit and BeautyIII. Rain and Rainbow.ValedictionThe Country SchoolmasterThe Legend of the HorseshoeA SymboljL1i

P0u  My hat now is yellow.MPJn

ZMA  This heart, how firm and wild!These bones, what knightly marrow fill'd!uvIUj亿元网页版

Pqq  By the man of daring will.YGk

Q0a  Sing no more in mournful tonesFmN8V

亿元网页版 e76G1  Here doth he watch their silent dances' mysterious measure.All that is glorious in Heaven, and all that the earth in her beautykeKPY

1.PIpvY  Or canst thou prolong love's days untimely ended?RtFj

2.LwW  And the rocks gave back the song,So la, Ia! &c.fDD亿元网页版

3.iFoB2  High uphold the golden apples sweet;Trees of life, their spreading shadows throwing,DJ30B

4.亿元网页版sxFA  Undisturbed by man's voice.vATd


dPMMo  Of the old magician rid;And henceforth shall ev'ry spiritDW亿元网页版


UfZE  Then she left the apartment, and after her son hasten'd quickly,Hoping somewhere to find him, and with her words of affectionGladden his heart, for he, the excellent son, well deserved it.Smilingly, when she had closed the door, continued the father"What a wonderful race of people are women and children.All of them fain would do whatever pleases their fancy,And we're only alow'd to praise them and flatter them freely.Once for all there's truth in the ancient proverb which tells us:He who moves not forward, goes backward! a capital saying!"2Sm


亿元网页版ey1h  Came from above,Trials to prove.gKEZ


XdEQ  "NE'ER have I seen the market and streets so thoroughly empty!Still as the grave is the town, clear'd out! I verily fancyFifty at most of all our inhabitants still may be found there.People are so inquisitive! All are running and racingMerely to see the sad train of poor fellows driven to exile.Down to the causeway now building, the distance nearly a league is,And they thitherward rush, in the heat and the dust of the noonday.As for me, I had rather not stir from my place just to stare atWorthy and sorrowful fugitives, who, with what goods they can carry,Leaving their own fair land on the further side of the Rhine-stream,Over to us are crossing, and wander through the delightfulNooks of this fruitful vale, with all its twistings and windings.Wife, you did right well to bid our son go and meet them,Taking with him old linen, and something to eat and to drink too,Just to give to the poor; the rich are bound to befriend them.How he is driving along! How well he holds in the horses!Then the new little carriage looks very handsome; inside itFour can easily sit, besides the one on the coachbox.This time he is alone; how easily-turns it the corner!"Thus to his wife the host of the Golden Lion discoursed,Sitting at ease in the porch of his house adjoining the market.Then replied as follows the shrewd and sensible hostess"Father, I don't like giving old linen away, for I find itUseful in so many ways, 'tis not to he purchased for moneyJust when it's wanted. And yet to-day I gladly have givenMany excellent articles, shirts and covers and suchlike;For I have heard of old people and children walking half-naked.Will you forgive me, too, for having ransacked your presses?That grand dressing-gown, cover'd with Indian flowers all over,Made of the finest calico, lined with excellent flannel,I have despatch'd with the rest; 'tis thin, old, quite out of fashion."SA7


LjCLs  When by Aurora I'm found, slumbering calm on thy breast.Ah, then my hymn in the ears of the earliest gods shall be chaunted,uqfK